The Wave Project

helps young people feel more positive and overcome challenges through surfing! Works with people from all backgrounds who are facing exceptional challenges in their lives. They may have emotional issues, special educational needs or personal difficulties that impact on their wellbeing. These challenges can impact on their confidence and self belief, which leads to further problems and difficulties. Surfing with The Wave Project helps them to reverse the downward spiral. We encourage clients to focus on positive things, such as having fun, learning new skills, overcoming a challenge and making new friends. Our courses are designed to help them to improve their confidence and feel "cool" by pushing their boundaries in the water. Our past clients have found themselves better able to manage their own behaviour and self-regulate; focus and re-engage with their peers; concentrate more at school and build better relationships at home. In some cases, they have gone on to become volunteers with the project, helping other young people to feel more positive.


Cornwall Council
Pay and Display Car Park
Marine Dr, Widemouth Bay, Bude EX23 0AW, UK