Family Surf Lessons

We often get parents booking their children in to have surf lessons but why not come along as a family, surfing is a great opportunity to do an exhilarating activity together!
Beginning with a fun warm up on the sand with your instructor, this leads on to a short safety chat and a demonstration on the beach and in the water of the techniques used in beginner surfing.
The fun then continues in the small and gentle waves which break over the sandy beach at Widemouth Bay. You begin learning to surf on soft boards relative to your size, which are highly buoyant. The wetsuits are supplied to match the weather conditions, temperature and time of year.
picture of a family lesson
picture of a father and son surfing
You can take as much or as little as you want from the tuition and and there are no rules that say you should or will be doing XYZ by this time! Obviously everyone hopes to be standing within the first lesson, certainly by the end of it but at Raven Surf School we see everyone as an individual with unique needs and abilities and we basically follow them fully.
We very often provide an assistant to the instructors to go in the water alongside our family group sessions to support the instructors and help out wherever is necessary.
One comment that we hear on a regular basis is that parents feel they can fully relax and enjoy their own surfing experience whilst their children are safe and catered for by the instructors whilst learning alongside them.
So don't delay, book today!

15% discount for group bookings of 4 or more.


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