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Group lessons that come under the name Taster session are for those people who have never had a surf lesson or possibly had one a few years ago and need a recap.
The lesson starts with a warm up and a safety talk, also understanding the beach environment. This then goes in to a practical lesson and demonstration by the surf instructor which includes a description of the equipment, entering and exiting the water safely, learning to surf the surfboard prone (laying down) learning to surf standing up, judging waves and catching them and turning the surfboard.


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This is for someone wanting to go for the two lessons option, which includes a beginner lesson and leads on to an improver session. Obviously in session one you will do as above and in session two you have now had the introduction to surfing and can move on with perfecting your skills in various areas, such as wave selection and direction, improve your take off, surf etiquette and progression in general. Things really start to click in an improver session allowing you confidence to fully enjoy your time in the water but still feel relaxed with the knowledge that you're being guided by our highly qualified surf instructors.


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3 surf sessions means you really will have time to consolidate what you learnt in sessions 1 and 2 and can continue working with our team of skilled surf coaches by developing as an improver surfer. Resulting in possibly feeling the confidence to then hire our surf equipment that you feel comfortable using, hit the surf outside of a surf lesson but in the knowledge that you can always come back to Raven surf school for advice and more sessions if required!


To book online just email Nicky with the form below tell us dates and times you would like to surf and Nicky will send you a link to pay for the lessons!

If you prefere to do it the old school way, just email or ring Nicky to book your lessons!


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